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North East Derbyshire District Council
2013 Mill Lane
S42 6NG
Telephone 01246 231111

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We speak your language. Call us on 01246 231111 and we will arrange a telephone discussion with an interpreter using Language is Everything

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Customer Services

  • Compliments, Comments and Complaints Open or Close

    Your feedback is important to us to provide the best service we can for you. We welcome all feedback, be it a complaint - to give us chance to look where we are making mistakes and rectify them, also to compliment us on the good job we are doing so the right staff can be notified and praised accordingly.


    We would like you to tell us when we do something right, or if you're particularly pleased with any of our services.


    We would like to hear your suggestions on how we could improve, so please let us know by making a comment or suggestion. Your ideas will be forwarded to the most appropriate person who will consider your suggested changes when they next review their service.


    You should contact our Customer Services team by using the Contact Us button above and filling in an online form or you can ring or email us. Our contact details can be found to the right on this page, or call 01246 231111

    We will take your comments seriously. Anything you say will be treated in confidence and will not disadvantage you in the future. Please read our Customer Service Codes of Practice and Standards document and Compliments, Comments and Complaints Policy.

    However, if you are still not satisfied after you have fully completed our complaints procedure, then your next step would be to make a complaint in writing to the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman. They will be able to provide you with advice on how to proceed further.

    To make a complaint about a councillor please use our making a complaint about a councillor form.



  • Customer Service Excellence Open or Close

    Customer Service Excellence (formerly Charter Mark) is a practical tool for driving customer focused change. The Customer Service Excellence standard is designed to operate on three distinct levels:

    • As a driver of continuous improvement - by allowing organisations to self assess their capability, using the online self assessment tool.
    • As a skills development tool – by allowing individuals and teams to explore and acquire new skills in the area of customer focus, customer engagement, thus building capacity for delivering improved services.
    • As an independent validation of achievement – by allowing organisations to seek formal accreditation, demonstrate their competence, identify areas for improvement and celebrate success.
  • National Customer Service Week Open or Close


    We are taking part in National Customer Service week again this year. Please see below details of events happening

    Monday 01.10.2018

    • 9 am – 12.00 pm – Recycling Promoters

    Come and speak to our Recycling Promoters, learn about how to recycle, what to recycle and what happens to the recycling after collection - and any other related questions around recycling you would

    like answered.

    • 1 pm – 4.00 pm – Cancer Safe

    Be Cancer Safe is a community approach to improving cancer survival in our area. More people in our region are diagnosed with cancer than the England average and we know that catching cancers at an earlier stage greatly increases the chance of survival. We want everyone in North Derbyshire to know about the signs and symptoms of cancer and what screening is available to them. Our aim is to spread the Be Cancer Safe message by  chatting with people whenever we can.

    Tuesday 02.10.2018

    • 9 am – 12.00 pm – CV support and  help with finding employment

    Come and speak to our Senior Community Employment Advisor and see how we can assist you with your CV or in finding employment.

    • 1 pm – 4.00 pm – Anti-Social Behaviour Team

    Come and speak to our Anti-Social Behaviour Team who will be on hand to

    help you keep your home safe and secure offering expert advice.

    Wednesday 03.10.2018

    • 9 am – 12.00 pm - Trainee & Apprenticeship Coordinator (Human Resources)

    Come and speak to our Trainee & Apprenticeship Coordinator who can offer general advice about applying for apprenticeships at the councils and the types of careers available. 

    • 1 pm – 4.00 pm – Rykneld Homes

    Come and speak to members of the Rykneld Homes Team about  council housing, home swapping and repairs.


    Thursday 04.10.2018

    • o 9 am – 12.00 pm – Environmental Health - Come and have you dog microchipped for FREE
    • o 1 pm – 4.00 pm – Making Space Health & Social Care Team / Dementia Friends

    If you, a friend or family member is suffering with dementia, come and pick up information to see what additional support you may be eligible for.

    You’ll be given contact details for the Making Space Health and Social Care Team/Dementia Friends, who can pass on information about activity groups such as Musical Memory Sessions, Memory Assessment Service, Access to Dementia Advisors and Carer Groups etc


    Friday 05.10.2018

    • 9  am – 12.00 pm – NEDDC Growth Funding for Local Businesses

    If you are a business located in Clay Cross or Dronfield, or are looking to set up a business there, come and talk to our advisor on how North East Derbyshire Business Growth Fund may be able to help you with a grant of up to £4,000.

    • 1 pm – 4.00 pm – Environmental Health Home Improvement Coordinator

    Talk to our Environmental Officer about energy bills, energy efficiency, damp and mould, renewable energy, grants, disabled adaptations, home care and

    partner service organisations



  • Service Standards Open or Close

    Setting targets and ambitions to manage our performance is vital to ensure that we provide the services we can whilst maintaining value for money.

    There are a variety of ways we can manage our performance. You can view the calls offered stats for our Contact Centre team  and performance statistics as of end September 2018 here.

    Our previous performance statistics can be found here:



    We would like to say a big thank you to the 637 residents that took part in our recent satisfaction survey  across all access channels for our contact centre service, covering everything from professionalism and timeliness to complaint handling.

    The findings showed us that customers are very happy with our contact centre service with high Customer Satisfaction Index scores for each of the methods of contact: face-to-face 90.70%, telephone 90.06%, reception visitors 99.09% and email 83.41%.

    Please see link below to view the full report and improvement plan.

    Customer Satisfaction

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    Annual Compliments, Comments and Complaints Report

Customer Service contacts

  • Tel: 01246 231111
  • Email: 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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